Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – heads up!

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Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – heads up!

Two important notes for Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll clients!

1. End of tax updates for GP9.0

This one you should (hopefully) have heard about a long time ago!  9.0 support ends January 11, 2011.  

What does this mean?  You will need to upgrade to a newer release of Dynamics GP before your July 2011 tax updates.  If you do not use Canadian Payroll, there is less urgency however I always recommend keeping on a supported version.

2. 2010 Year End Tax Update has table changes!

Straight from a Microsoft escalation engineer: Canadian Payroll year end update we are anticipating lots of changes due to the re-design of the T4A.  We are still reviewing changes, but we will have table changes in Canadian Payroll this year to accommodate these new items.  

What does this mean?  If the past is any indication of the future, table changes mean more potential complications with installing the tax update and/or lengthier updates.  Be aware!

The 2010 Year End update is expected to be ready on customersource/partnersource on December 16, 2010 – best estimate!

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