Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – a two part journey

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Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – a two part journey

Hello Canadian Payroll fans… this is an update to my previous post last month, with some news from Microsoft.  Reminder: this update contains table changes which often means longer updates and more possibility of complications – ensure your process includes backups as you proceed through the install!

GP9.0 users – please note a Round 2 update is coming this year which is NOT being made available for GP9.  Please review the functionality that it contains if it affects the timing of your plans to upgrade!

Target Release Date

Friday, December 17th, 2010 is the aim for English with French to follow.  The release will be available for 9.0, 10.0 and 2010.

New! Expect Round 2 in mid-January

Yes, you read that correctly!  Some new functionality that is not in the year end update will be released in “Round 2” (E.T.A mid-January 2011). Very important for 9.0 customers who are delaying upgrading – you WILL NOT be getting the Round 2 update!  This is only being released for GP10 and GP2010.

What does Round 2 have?

The Round 2 update will be supporting the new T4A boxes (Patronage allocation, registered pension, pension adjustment, RESP, Charitable donation, etc).  For more information on the T4A re-design, see the Canada Revenue Agency’s What’s New link and New T4A codes for 2011.

What does the Year End Update have?

Apart from the normal tax rate changes and some bug fixes, here are changes specific to the year end update:

  • XML file format updates for RL-1, T4 and T4A
  • Update to RL-1 (ability to print amended and original)
  • New T4 boxes (66 Eligible Retiring Allowances, 67 Non-eligible Retiring Allowances, 68 Status Indian Eligible Retiring Allowances, 69 Status Indian Non-Eligible Retiring Allowances, and 86 Stock Option Cash-Out Expense)
  • T4A slip form layout change (2 part form instead of 3 part form)
  • Quebec added functionality around WCB CSST

Which tables are affected?

The following tables will have fields added to them to support the new functionality.

  • CPY10103 P_CPY_Employee_T4_MSTR
  • CPY50103 P_CPY_Employee_T4_MSTR_LY
  • CPY30250 P_CPY_Calc_MSTR
  • CPY30150 P_CPY_Calc_WORK
  • CPY50250 P_CPY_Calc_MSTR_LY
  • CPY30151 P_CPY_Employee_T4_WORK
  • CPY40105 P_CPY_R1
  • CPY70105 P_CPY_R1_LY
  • CPY40115 P_CPY_SETP_R1_Summary
  • CPY70115 P_CPY_SETP_R1_Summary_LY
  • CPY10100 P_CPY_MSTR
  • CPY50100 P_CPY_MSTR_LY

General Info on What’s New for 2011

The most significant changes are with the T4A and Retiring Allowances moving from the T4A to the T4 slip for 2011.  See the Canada Revenue Agency’s list of what’s new for more details.

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