Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – issues for GP9?

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Canadian Payroll 2010 Year End Update – issues for GP9?

Hey Canadian Payroll fans out there… it’s me again with some possible bad news.  It seems there is an issue appearing that is pretty specific to a group of customers that fit a certain criteria, namely: customers on GP9 who had previously upgraded from something else to GP9.

The issue is with the table conversion on CPY10100, CP50100 where 4 columns in these two tables have incorrect lengths and the failed tables list is showing a status 135 meaning not having the correct structure prior to upgrading the database.

Updated Dec 23, 2010: the original download page now includes the file to correct issues with the incorrect column lengths.  Look in the Overview section for the link to the file.  Link is here.

The bad good news

There is no fix ready yet – Microsoft is working on a script and I’ll update the status of this post as we get more details.

Mid-way through writing this post I received another email with a resolution for this.  A script has been created and will be posted to customersource on Thursday.   I will update this post with the link once it’s posted.  (I have the script but don’t feel it’s wise to post it here, I’d prefer readers get the script via their partner or via their customersource account).

What to check

These scripts can be run at any time, ideally the earlier the better so that you can identify potential issues before you start your tax update.  There is nothing worse than coming in over the holidays, possibly during a seasonal shut down period, to do an update and only then find you have an issue.  Often times these year end updates are being run during times when partners and support-networks are on reduced hours due to holidays so preparing in advance and doing risk-assessment is very wise!

  • Run these scripts in SQL Management Studio
  • It is a database specific so select the company db(s) that have Canadian Payroll in them when you run the script.
  • It is wise to check ALL of your companies even if you don’t run payroll in them because the tables may still exist.
  • If you haven’t run an sp_help command before, it returns a bunch of information about a table that is irrelevant for this issue; the second set of results is the list of column names, field type, and length among other things with “Length” being the column of interest here.

sp_help CPY10100

sp_help CPY50100

  • Look for these fields in both sp_help results lists and determine if you see the proper field lengths for each or not.

PAddress1 – column length should be 61, incorrect table structure may show 31
PAddress2 – column length should be 61, incorrect table structure may show 31
PCity – column length should be 35, incorrect table structure may show 30
Pcountry – column length should be 61, incorrect table structure may show 20

(Edited Dec 23, 2010 to re-post link to GP9 tax table download where the link to the script to resolve this issue is located.)

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