The end is near (or is it here?) for GP 9.0

It’s a sad day for all of you Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 users out there.  Today is the official end date for mainstream support of that release.  There is a small asterisk here: tax updates will continue until January 31, 2011.

For more information about the lifecycle of this and other products, here is the link

To ensure you are on a supported version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will need to update to GP 10.0 or GP 2010.

What does “Supported” mean?

A supported version generally means feature requests are continuing to be reviewed and bug fixes are continuing to be fixed with service packs or hotfixes.  Being supported also means being able to purchase new modules and/or user licences for GP.  Being supported has nothing to do with being “current” on your annual enhancement plan.

Customersource will still have a wealth of knowledge for a recently discontinued product although over time you will find, as the knowledgebase grows, articles will be increasingly relevant only to the newer supported releases.

Partners generally continue to support the product as well as they have a wealth of knowledge themselves on all releases of a product for which they have been working with Dynamics GP.  That being said, over time, as you get farther away from your product being supported, you may find it harder to obtain support for your release.  Partners will not always keep a ready library of functioning test environments of old versions of a product should testing a scenario be needed to answer a question.

Upgrade Implications

While most clients do not upgrade every time a new release comes out, the vast majority of clients I see upgrade every other version, once mainstream support ends.  Keep in mind when planning to upgrade, if you are on an older unsupported version, your cost to upgrade may increase as there is less likely to be a direct path of upgrade from your current version to the version you want to upgrade to.  That means more time spent, more potential issues and added complexity to the project. 

Overall Recommendation

You have made a significant investment in Dynamic GP and part of the cost of maintaining it and budgeting for it should include upgrading every couple of releases at least.  This doesn’t mean it’s an annual cost, but more like an “every three year” scenario based on the current rate of new product releases.  Being “supported” means you have more resources at your disposal – Partners, Microsoft, Customersource, Blogs etc. – all with information relevant to your investment.  There is little worse than reading about some fabulous new features or functionality only to find out you can’t get it on your release!

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