Short hiatus on blog posting

//Short hiatus on blog posting

Short hiatus on blog posting

Anyone who is reading my blogs has likely noticed a slow decline in frequency!  I apologize for that, and am posting an update that I do plan to get back to weekly (if not more frequent) blog articles soon.

I am currently under house renovation paralysis!  Between decision making on all sorts of details, cleaning up the seemingly endless trail of dust and debris everywhere, and working on a large project, I have been swamped and blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately!  However the end is in sight!

Only to make matters a little worse, my trusty Lenovo x61s laptop abruptly died last week leaving me without the one tool I do most of my work and blogging on, so I am not tied to my desk.  Thankfully I had most things backed up… however the pain in the a** factor is alive and well!  I have a desktop computer that acts as my server, which will be my primary machine for a little while until I source out another laptop to be truly portable again.  I’m sitting in my office writing this and crammed in with me is all sorts of furniture from various other parts of the house, due to replacing floors, painting or simply renovating… but on the bright side, my office has a couple of nice reclining chairs should I want to sit comfortably, and a spare bedroom mattress should I need a nap! LOL… ah the joys of renovations.

Spring is here, more blogs are coming!

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