The folks in Fargo are thrilled to say they have no snow yet as of today – December 21, 2011.  And even better news!  The Canadian Payroll 2011 year end updates are out!  Wheeee… let the fun begin!

Reminder for those of you (hopefully none of you) who are running GP9 or earlier – there are no tax updates for your version anymore… hopefully you're in the midst of an upgrade to GP10 or GP2010.

On to the real content now… here are the details for the tax updates.

Release 10.0:

Download Link (Customersource)

Versions after install:

  • Dynamics: 10.00.1779
  • Canadian Payroll: 10.0.1827

Release 2010:

Download Link (Customersource)

Versions after install:

  • Dynamics: 11.00.1860
  • Canadian Payroll: 11.0.1897

What's Changed

No table changes!  Woohoo!

There are the usual tax rate changes for 2012 and a handful of changes specifically relating to year end:

  • Updates to T4, T4A, RL-1 XML file formats & form layout changes
  • New T4 Box for Volunteer Firefighters (see below)

Here is some information on the Volunteer Firefighters pieces.  It would require table changes and they HAVE NOT made the necessary table changes to accomodate this.  (I won't say “yet” because there is no plan at the moment to make the table change – clearly that means there aren't enough customers affected to push this through development).

The workaround if you need these features (tax credit and exempt amount)

  • For the tax credit, enter the amount in one of the other tax credit boxes, for instance, “other personal tax credits”
  • For the exempt amount, it could be entered manually at year end in the T4 edit window (code changes have been made to allow the entry of box 87)

Hopefully this is an uneventful year… the last few years we've dealt with table changes of varying degrees!