Cdn Payroll 2012 Mid-Year Tax Update

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Cdn Payroll 2012 Mid-Year Tax Update

… Otherwise known as OMG it’s already July????  I talked to two clients today and yesterday about this and both of them forgot too… so apparently I’m not the only one not paying attention to time these days!

Yes, I, too, fell into the trap this year of letting time merrily fly by without realizing I didn’t blog about the Cdn Payroll tax updates for mid year.

So, now to the not-so-new-news!  Yes there is mid-year 2012 tax update as there is every year, and this year the provinces affected are: Ontario and Nova Scotia.

There is only one bug fix in this update which is for Quebec employees, QPIP exceeding the maximum limit based on rounding in certain situations.  I don’t know much about that one, that’s just what’s in the notification email I got when the update was published.

Where to get the update

For Dynamics GP 2010: it’s here

For Dynamics GP 10: it’s here

Notice to users of GP9 or GP10

If you use Canadian Payroll and you’re still on version 9.0, I hope you are in the midst of upgrading!  GP10 users please note, your support ends October 2012 but Microsoft WILL give you the 2012 year end update for Canadian Payroll… keep in mind though, if there are subsequent changes, say a “round 2” tax update, you will not likely get that for GP10 as we found out when GP9 was released.  That year, there was some functionality that only affected the new payroll year and GP9 users did not get it until they upgraded to GP10 or GP2010.  Don’t fall into that trap – talk to your VAR about upgrading sooner rather than at the last minute!

Service Pack 3 is also out now

In a relatively rare situation, the tax updates were released in early June (May 31st actually) and the next big service pack, SP3, was just recently released as well.  What this means for some users is you may have the ability to install SP3 directly if the timing works out and you’re not waiting for third party product patches.  They are separate releases, so if you have third party products and are not sure if they are compatible with SP3, you may have to install just the tax updates and wait for all of your products to have patches released to install SP3.

I know one of my clients has a third party payroll app that isn’t yet compatible with SP3 and they run weekly payroll; unfortunately they have to install the tax update before SP3 and wait for the third party ISV to be compatible with SP3…. if you’re unsure, speak to your VAR.

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