Canadian Payroll 2012 Year End Tax Update

Welcome to my annual “hey the tax tables are out” blog post!  Like clockwork – or like death and taxes – yet another certainty is each year end there are tax table updates to apply!  Here are the details for those Canadian Payroll users of Microsoft Dynamics GP!  Special note to you GP2013 users as well…

First – an important note although I doubt this will affect anyone already: Dynamics GP 2013 RTM did not release with the 2013 tax rates!  So in the unlikely event that you are considering upgrading to GP2013 immediately (since it’s launch yesterday!), I would recommend holding off until the first hot fix is released.  The hotfix is expected the week of January 21, 2013.  New clients – same goes for you… the RTM build has the 2012 tax rates and thus any payrolls run in it, will not reflect the new tax rates yet. (more…)

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It’s a big day!

It’s a big day … and I’m a day late!

Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 has launched!  Yay!


Here is a link to the launch portal on Customersource: click here

There is a ton of information out there already on the Microsoft sites and in the Microsoft Dynamics community so I won’t get into repeating a lot of what’s already been blogged about.  Suffice to say: it’s a big day with the introduction of the first web client, some very cool new features and tons of excitement in the community about this release.  Check it out!

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