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Canadian Payroll 2012 T4 issue (updated)

(Updated Feb 2013)

There was an issue identified last week with the 2012 year end tax update that affects T4s.  This issue is being worked on and a hotfix should be available soon.

The specific issue is this:

  • Box 24 (EI Insurable Earnings) will show the 2011 rate $44,200 instead of the 2012 rate $45,900
  • Box 26 (CPP Pensionable Earnings) will show the 2011 rate $48,300 instead of the 2012 rate $50,100
  • Also, RL-1 Box G (QPP Pensionable Earnings) will show the 2011 rate $48,300 instead of the 2012 rate $50,100

These amounts will appear in the T4 edit (or RL-1 Edit) windows after running the Create T4 (RL-1) process.  There are scripts you can download to fix this issue, or you can wait until the hotfix is released.

Here are the Customersource links: GP2010 and GP10.

NOTE: if you create your T4s or RL-1s and then run the scripts – and THEN run Recreate T4s (or RL-1s) it wipes out the script update.  Keep this in mind and keep the scripts handy if you are creating and recreating the forms, until the hotfix is ready.


The hotfixes were released in the end of January, and for the record, here they are:

GP2010 link (version after update: 11.0.2164)

GP2013 link (version after update: 12.0.1343)

This is a regular hotfix, so you will notice in the details on the downloads page or documentation, there are other bug fixes included with this. The hotfix includes the following (for Cdn Payroll):

  • 2013 Quebec new health contribution formulas
  • The form corrections related to the issues noted above (T4, RL-1)
  • Any year end tax changes for GP2013


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  1. Barb O April 1, 2013 at 4:13 am

    Is CRA aware that this has happened? I didn’t notice this issue with our T4’s and in fact, I have received my refund already without issue.

  2. Jen Kuntz April 3, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Hi Barb,

    I’m not sure about CRA, but it was purely a software issue with Dynamics GP, not a “general” T4 issue. It’s specific also to those that maxed on CPP and EI I believe, anyone else who didn’t max, those boxes would show the correct amounts.

    If you/your company uses Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, check with your payroll department to have them verify that your T4 was ok.

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