Hello folks!

It’s that time of year again… and the tax table updates / year end updates for Dynamics GP2010 and Dynamics GP2013 were just released, for English installs. For French installs, they are hoping for early next week.

GP2010 users

For GP2010, reminder, this is the last year end tax update you’ll get. If there is a mid year update, you’ll get that too but you need to start planning your upgrade if you haven’t already done so!

Here’s the link to the update (CustomerSource access required)

After the update your version for GP will be 11.02351 and for CanPay 11.00.2376

GP2013 users

For GP2013, reminder that this is cumulative and includes GP2013 R2 which was a large release… it’s not just a service pack with tax rate changes!

Here’s the link to the update

After the update your version for GP will be 12.00.1801 and for CanPay 12.00.1813

GP2015 users

Hopefully there aren’t any of you out there yet that are already up and running live on GP2015… the tax updates will be shipped in January, as the RTM version did not include the 2015 tax tables.

What’s New?

I’ll spare you the regurgitation of existing information so you can find all of that in the install guide that comes with the service pack or take a look at the Dynamics GP community blog post on this topic for more specifics.