Canadian Payroll 2016 Mid-Year Update

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Canadian Payroll 2016 Mid-Year Update

Guess what? It’s almost halfway through 2016! Wow, where did the time go?

For Microsoft Dynamics GP users with Canadian Payroll, that means it might be tax update time for you again as typically there are semi-annual tax changes. Most years, only a handful of provinces have tax changes so many customers can evaluate for themselves if this particular year would affect their employees or not.

Keep in mind, the tax updates are not “just” tax updates – they are full fledged service packs and often will also contain fixes for other modules. What does that mean?

  • Even if you are not a Canadian Payroll module user, you may want to install this service pack if it contains a fix for an issue that affects your environment.
  • If you are a Canadian Payroll module user, and you don’t have employees in the jurisdictions indicated in the updates, you can typically skip this update (assuming you don’t have a need for any of the other fixes). The updates are always cumulative so the next update will also contain these mid year changes if you skip this update.

There will be 3 different releases supported in this mid-year tax update, and none of them are a warning like in other years when one product is nearly discontinued. There are 3 active versions of Dynamics GP out there these days, and it won’t be long before we may have 4 supported at any given time. GP 2013’s end of life date is April 10, 2018, and I’m quite sure we’ll have another major release before then at the pace Microsoft is working!

Anyway, in terms of when things are released: expect it to be the 7-10 days in June as a release date for these. I’ll usually post an update on Twitter, as will many others, and we can safely assume Terry Heley will post an article on the Support & Services Blog with the details when the time comes. Watch for those updates and here is the info I know about at the moment and links to the download sites.

Jurisdictions Affected & Changes

There appear to be actual code changes other than just tax changes this year (I see mentions of ROE fixes). Watch Dynamics GP specific sources, like the blog above, for details on that once the patches are released.

As far as taxes are concerned, a good place to look for what’s new is the CRA website. I tend to look specifically at the T4127 page, which is the documentation for computer programs with calculations etc. for programmers.  The jurisdictions affected I’ve gathered from this page, effective July 1, 2016:

  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (PS. reading this, my only reaction is WOW!)
  • Prince Edward Island (see note below)

* Note re: PEI. One of the changes is a change to the basic personal exemption. If you have employees in PEI, watch for how this is handled in the release. Typically at year end there is a step that asks “do you want to automatically update everyone’s basic personal exemption?”. It’s not in those exact words but it’s one step in the year end close procedure, but that is a user-driven process from with in GP, not something prompted during an installation. Since a service pack doesn’t have a specific user-interface dialog box like the year end close procedure does, pay attention to this to ensure your employees’ records are updated as needed for your environment. I’m unsure exactly how they plan to handle this – I assume they have two choices: auto update everyone in that jurisdiction or do nothing.

Download Links (CustomerSource)

Here are the locations for the various download links. The links are live today and caution: some have a mix of info for July 1st but links still from the year end 2015 updates, not the new update yet.  By the middle to end of June, you will likely see the content ready to download.

Dynamics GP 2016

  • This will be the first patch released for Dynamics GP 2016! In the pre-release info available I’ve seen, there are several module covered in fixes in this update, not just Canadian Payroll. When the update is released, check out the release notes to see exactly what was included. (I’m not going to list it as it’s not intended for a public audience at this point.)

Dynamics GP 2015 R2

  • Similar to GP 2016, this patch is expected to contain more than just Canadian Payroll tax changes. Watch for the fix list and documentation.

Dynamics GP 2013 R2

  • Early information shows this might be purely Canadian Payroll updates for the affected jurisdictions plus some Canadian Payroll module ROE fixes. Watch for the fix list and documentation.
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