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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Jen Kuntz, I am a CPA, CGA (Certified General Accountant) as well as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).


I offer consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics GP & related products.  I work with clients who are, for the most part, in Southwestern Ontario or in & around the Greater Toronto area.

I started Kuntz Consulting Inc. in September 2009 after many years working for both small and large Microsoft Dynamics GP resellers.  I have used and been consulting with Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains, since 1999. My firm is a Microsoft Dynamics GP consulting partner.

What’s a “Microsoft Dynamics GP consulting partner”?

There are three kinds of Microsoft partners as it relates to GP & all Dynamics product lines: resellers, independent software vendors and consulting partners.

  • Resellers, sometimes better known as a VARs (Value Added Resellers), can sell you software & annual maintenance for GP. Generally speaking, most Reseller partners also provide implementation & support services. At one point in my early consulting career, the firm I worked for worked with another firm that *only* sold the software and we provide the implementation & support services. Strange but true!
  • Independent Software Vendors, also known as ISVs or Third Party vendors, develop applications for GP. In the Dynamics GP community, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of add-on products & utilities from minor enhancements to major functionality. (It’s a good thing!)
  • Consulting partners, provide services for GP but can’t resell.

When someone asks you who your “partner” is, they usually are referring to your Reseller/VAR. The Microsoft Partner program has changed over the last few years, resulting in small firms like myself to no longer meet the requirements to be a Reseller anymore.  Every Dynamics GP customer can have both a Reseller and a Consulting partner associated with your Microsoft account, they don’t have to be the same firm! Only the Reseller can actually renew your annual maintenance and sell you new software licenses, but both can have otherwise full access to your account at Microsoft, which includes things like:

  • Viewing what products & modules you are registered for
  • Viewing what ISV products you own, if the ISV partner lists them on your account
  • Viewing and obtain your registration keys
  • Submitting support cases on your behalf (that you can also see on your account)

The reality is I’m a solo practitioner without a sales or consulting team and there are so many existing customers out there that are looking for better service and support from someone, that not being a Reseller hasn’t impacted my business a bit.

Why Choose Kuntz Consulting?

Most clients I work with I either have a pre-existing relationship with while working at different VARs in the past, or they have looked me up because of some type of dissatisfaction with their existing firm(s) who support their Dynamics GP environment. Here are a few of the many reasons I’ve heard when I asked why a prospect is looking for a new consultant:

  • Being charged top of the line consulting rates but being sent inexperienced consultants. The junior consultants take more time to complete a task, so you’re paying quite a premium vs. getting a qualified resource for the same rate.
  • Sending a “team” for every meeting, when you don’t actually need 3 people at the table for the discussion, costing you more than necessary.
  • Not listening to their needs, or not understanding the needs to define proper solutions to their problems. Or even worse, proposing expensive solutions when it’s not needed or unwarranted for the situation.
  • Poor service or response times. I’ve heard many stories of client calls going unanswered or waiting unreasonable times for a call back. I’ve also heard stories of just plain poor service, bad consulting, etc.

What you get with working with me is someone who has the senior-level experience in many areas and versions of Dynamics GP, for rates that are lower than what you’ll be paying elsewhere.