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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Will you look at that? The calendar says it’s January 1st. Holy Cow. I give up trying to write “time flies” in any new and innovative way, as I say something similar every year in this blog post! But, it did fly by, again, and it was a great year!

It’s kind of funny re-reading previous years’ posts. Last year was all about “maybe I’ll finish my basement reno this year”. It’s still not 100%… lol.

Multiple instances of GP & applying service packs

I recently purchased a new laptop and loaded it up with 16gb of RAM so it could handle having multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP on it.  Two of the instances are of GP 2016. One of the wrinkles of having test machines with multiple instances of the same version of GP is ensuring you apply service packs to exactly the instance you want, without affecting the others.

Canadian Payroll 2016 Year End Update

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

Here’s an early present from Microsoft: the Canadian Payroll tax updates released a little earlier than normal this year. Yay!

As of writing this (Dec 15th), GP 2016’s download isn’t online yet but the link to the page is correct. Microsoft anticipates it being ready by Dec 16th sometime.

Update Dec 16th: had wrong blog link on Terry’s blog. Also a bit more about GP2016 and GP2015.

Does Dynamics 365 mean the death of Dynamics GP?

No! A thousand times no!

I hate click-bait headlines, but based on the confusing messaging out there, it seems you have to have one for people to pay attention. If you don’t know who to believe, you may be scared away from buying or continuing to use Dynamics GP. The messaging has been at times exceptionally clear, and at other times, exceptionally fuzzy, and often both from Microsoft!  There are rumours being spread by god-knows-who that GP 2016 is the last release that will be available for Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Connect – change the PM Payment window names!

Mariano Gomez created a new Microsoft Connect suggestion: get rid of the word Checks (or Cheques) from the Payables payment windows. It’s time to move to more inclusive wording, with a large part of the world not using cheques, and adoption of EFT and electronic payments in the US gathering steam (slowly, but still…).

Click here to vote or search for 3111236 on the Microsoft Connect site.

His specific suggestions are to change the titles of these windows/menu items:

  • Select Payables Checks -> Build Payments Batch
  • Edit Payables Check Batch -> Edit Payment Batch
  • Edit Payables Check ->    Edit Vendor Payment
  • Print Payables Checks -> Print Payment Documents
  • Post Payables Checks -> Post Payment Documents

Go vote!



GPUG Summit 2016 – Wrap Up

I’m writing this wrap up post, as I sit in the Atlanta airport on a nasty 5-hour layover from 5pm-ish to 10pm-ish. I’ve watched the end of the Blue Jays ALCS game 2 at the Delta SkyClub bar (vs. Cleveland Indians, we lost. Boo!). I’ve written the last of my blog posts except this one. I’ve eaten something resembling dinner, a random assortment of free food in the lounge area. I must say, thanks to Delta for letting me into the SkyClub… free food and drinks and more comfortable seating options are most certainly a bonus on a long layover. I even saw towels, which means there may be shower facilities, not that I’m about to go and find those!

I’ve now settled into the last half of my layover in a workstation with a very comfy desk chair, and a power outlet, like an office cubicle. I’ve got my iPad perched in the corner with Netflix (starting to watch a show my mom raves about, “Bletchly Circle”, that I can’t get on Netflix in Canada), and my laptop out to finish this blog post. I’m also going to finish cleaning up the last of the post clean up on the Dynamics Community side of things where it just syndicates anything from my RSS feed, so I have to manually delete what I’ve already removed on my primary site here. It’s about as good as I can make this work while I have to wait!

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GPUG Summit 2016 – Day 3

Friday! (Yes, I’m sure!) Today was the last day of the conference and it was a busy day, as it was the first time I was presenting or involved in sessions at GPUG Summit.

Here are the sessions I took part in today and how the day fared for me:

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GPUG Summit 2016 – Day 2

I’m catching up on writing these (on Saturday in the airports on my way home!) but dating them for the actual day of the sessions… and this post onwards I’m writing AFTER I figured out what day of the week is what. (LOL, if you missed it, I’m not admitting to anything!). This is ‘day 2’ or Thursday, in real days!

For my first posts, they are here: Pre-Conference, Keynote Day and Day 1.

So, here we go with a summary of what I attended etc. on day 2!

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GPUG Summit 2016 – Day 1

Continuing on from my first two posts, Pre-Conference and Keynote Day, this post covers the highlights of my Wednesday.

This was the first day where there was an organized breakfast, and it was at Amalie Arena today where the opening Dynamics GP (GPUG) session was held. I’ll be honest and say I was disappointed with breakfast. It was boxed packages with yogurt, a granola bar and a juice plus a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Not my thing. There was nothing to drink other than coffee, not even water, which seemed like a strange oversight. I suppose there was OJ in the box but still… I ended up eating a couple of bites of my breakfast and left the arena to go to Starbucks to get some tea, and came back for the keynote.

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GPUG Summit 2016 – Keynote Day

I wrote and published this with the wrong day so this is a correction!

Technically, I don’t think today ‘s schedule was considered to be the first day but the keynote was this afternoon, so with this re-write, I am now just calling it Keynote Day. Confused? Yes it was a little but I’m assuming the rest of the conference is now Days 1 to 3. I give up labelling days since I goofed once already! 🙂

For the morning, it was a quiet start to the day. It was a nice day, as it has been every day in Tampa, but today there was a nice breeze to keep it cooler than it was the previous couple of days. So, I walked to the convention centre area and funnily enough, I arrived at the front of the convention centre at the exact moment that Tim Wappat was standing there waiting for his shuttle to the hotel. I hadn’t met Tim yet although we have chatted quite a bit on Twitter, so I was looking forward to meeting him! We chatted for a bit until his shuttle bus arrived and then went our separate ways.

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