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GPUG Summit 2016 – Pre-Conference

For the first time, I’m attending the Dynamics Communities’ User Group Summits, or as Dynamics GP customers know it, GPUG Summit in this case. I have heard the attendance is somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 people overall, which is astounding! It’s also the 10th anniversary so it’s a great one to be at for my first one.

This year’s conference is in Tampa, Florida. I booked into the conference late and as such, I couldn’t get a hotel room near the event. I ended up booking with AirBnB, and got a great place to stay for much less than I would have paid in hotel costs, plus a 15% discount if I stayed for a full week. So, I decided to book a full week; I came into town on Saturday and leave next Saturday. I am paying the equivalent of about $120 per night USD, which is at least half of the hotel room rates near the Convention Center. Between that and completely scoring on my flight (first class both directions, total $600 CAD!), saving on those costs goes a long way in making this trip affordable.

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Becoming a Microsoft MVP for the first time

So, yesterday I found out that I was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for my contributions over the last year in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. Yay! I must say, the entire day was a whirlwind of emotions, varying from “holy cow” (yes, I used a different word there!), to “oh my god, what now?”, to “woohoo I’m an MVP!”, to “Am I really deserving of this?” etc. Well, you get the idea. Excitement, happiness, anxiousness, nervousness, doubt, all of those came and went throughout the day!

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reImagine 2016 – Recap

Travel update: made it home safely. Flight delay again leaving Fargo, no delay on MSP flight to Toronto, fairly straight forward 1.25 hour drive home from YYZ. Odd drive home in that I passed a tractor-trailer on fire (still driving) with a fire engine truck following it, going the other way on Hwy 401 and then as I was around the corner from home, there was a house fire. Two things you don’t see every day, in the same day.

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reImagine 2016 – Day 3

The last day of the reImagine 2016 conference was a half day, like previous years. The plan when I woke up this morning was pretty simple: check-out, take in the 3 sessions in the morning, kill a bit of time doing my blogging in the afternoon, head to the airport and fly home.

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reImagine 2016 – Day 2, Part 2

This is the continuation of the part 1 post for Day 2.

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reImagine 2016 – Day 2, Part 1

So, what happened on Day 2? No, really, that was yesterday (as I write this) and the time starts to blur when you’re at a conference. What you think happened yesterday was actually this morning or Monday, you have no idea. So… I’m recreating this as best as I can from my notes and Twitter interactions!

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reImagine 2016 – Day 1, Part 3

Continuing on from Part 1 and Part 2, here is the remainder of Day 1.

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reImagine 2016 – Day 1, Part 2

So, continuing from my part 1 blog post, there were demos during the opening session and coverage of both GP 2016 features (shouldn’t be news to anyone) and GP 2016 R2 planned features. I won’t get into those details as most were covered in the first session again, which is below.

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reImagine 2016 – Day 1, Part 1

Wow, day 1 was busy! I’m foregoing the eOne Solutions “Smartner Party” to write today’s blog and then hit the hay relatively early, since tomorrow will be an even longer day with the evening pub crawl!

First up was breakfast at the hotel starting at 7:00am. Then, everyone was shuttled up to Microsoft for the opening session, and the sales & marketing streams came back to the hotel after that for the day. The developer & consulting streams stayed at Microsoft for the day, which was fine with me.

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reImagine 2016 – Pre-Conference Training Day

So, yesterday came and went without me seeing anyone I knew that’s here for the conference. I did have a fellow GP Canadian come over and introduce himself when I was at Buffalo Wild Wings. Paul Johnson, from Winnipeg, follows me on Twitter and recognized me from my profile pic. We grabbed a drink and got to know each other and talk about the conference and general life in GP land.

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