Canadian Payroll 2017 Mid-Year Update

It’s that time of year again! Wow, this year is just flying by, isn’t it?

July 1st is nearly upon us and that means for those of us using Dynamics GP & Canadian Payroll, you might have a tax update to install! How else would you want to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, eh?

Canadian Payroll 2016 Year End Update

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

Here’s an early present from Microsoft: the Canadian Payroll tax updates released a little earlier than normal this year. Yay!

As of writing this (Dec 15th), GP 2016’s download isn’t online yet but the link to the page is correct. Microsoft anticipates it being ready by Dec 16th sometime.

Update Dec 16th: had wrong blog link on Terry’s blog. Also a bit more about GP2016 and GP2015.

CanPay ROE Issue with postal code

If you are a client using Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, and use GP’s ROE functionality, this may be of use to you.

If you didn’t need the mid-year 2016 tax update, and only installed the year end 2015 tax update, there were a number of fixes in the ROE (Record of Employment) functions in a January hotfix that you may not have noticed or installed.

A client of mine showed me one issue and I’ve verified with Microsoft that is it one of the fixes in the January hotfix. The specific issue is when creating an ROE, the postal code isn’t being populated in the right box on the ROE window, and it’s a required field.

Canadian Payroll 2016 Mid-Year Update

Guess what? It’s almost halfway through 2016! Wow, where did the time go?

For Microsoft Dynamics GP users with Canadian Payroll, that means it might be tax update time for you again as typically there are semi-annual tax changes. Most years, only a handful of provinces have tax changes so many customers can evaluate for themselves if this particular year would affect their employees or not.

Keep in mind, the tax updates are not “just” tax updates – they are full fledged service packs and often will also contain fixes for other modules. What does that mean?

  • Even if you are not a Canadian Payroll module user, you may want to install this service pack if it contains a fix for an issue that affects your environment.
  • If you are a Canadian Payroll module user, and you don’t have employees in the jurisdictions indicated in the updates, you can typically skip this update (assuming you don’t have a need for any of the other fixes). The updates are always cumulative so the next update will also contain these mid year changes if you skip this update.

How to add the Employer Address to T4 Forms

For some reason, out of the box, Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll T4 Forms don’t have the employer address. Why? I have no idea… but the information is there to be added easily, and here’s how to add it to your T4 reports for Employer and Employee versions.

Canadian Payroll January 2016 Hotfix for ROE issues

This came out last Friday, and it’s a hotfix for Dynamics GP that resolves some ROE issues from the year end tax update as well as other things.

How YTD CPP & EI factor into Tax calcs

This is about something completely boring but perhaps useful to someone who is verifying Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll vs the Canada Revenue Agency’s payroll deductions online calculator.

I’ve always said, I know how the Canadian Payroll module works, but I am not a Payroll expert. I’m an accountant, not a payroll or HR person; there is a wealth of knowledge someone certified in payroll matters knows that I’ll never know!

Canadian Payroll 2015 Year End Tax Update – no news yet!

Many people have asked if I have heard when the tax update is being released this year.

Microsoft appears to be still waiting for some more information from the CRA to finalize things so there is no tentative release date yet.

Canadian Payroll Tax Update for Alberta Oct 2015

Well, it turns out I lied… I said in my Mid-Year tax update, this will be the last update for GP 2010. If you’re in Alberta and haven’t upgraded yet to GP 2013 or GP 2015, what are you waiting for?? Okay, okay… you get one more tax update opportunity. (But seriously, please, don’t wait much longer to get your upgrade going!!!)

Canadian Payroll 2015 Mid-Year Tax Update

(Updated June 25, 2015)

For users of Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll, here’s some info on the upcoming mid-year tax update for 2015.

REMINDER: if you’re on Dynamics GP 2010, this is the last tax update for Canadian Payroll as mainstream support ends on Oct 13, 2015. If you haven’t already planned your upgrade, you’d better start thinking about that!