Curious about presenting?

Following up on GPUG Summit last week, I thought it would be timely to write a blog to encourage others to get involved in presenting in the future! Organizers are always looking for more people to fill presentation time slots.

Have you attended Summit or a local GPUG chapter meeting, or even a webinar online, hosted by GPUG? Have you thought “maybe some day I could be doing that presentation too”? (more…)

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GPUG Summit 2017 – Day 3

This is my 4th blog post in this series. Today, Friday, October 13th, is the 3rd & last day of GPUG Summit. The day was still full of sessions, with the last session time slot ending at 3:30pm. Many people were leaving prior to that due to late afternoon flights. Those leaving Friday had to deal with busy traffic going to the airport due to an overturned tractor-trailer and cows on the loose! (more…)

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GPUG Summit 2017 – Pre-Conference

This year’s GPUG Summit conference is in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Wow, is that a big place! You’ll see a few pics in this post of this massive resort, it’s quite insane!

Here’s a summary of my first day here, Tuesday October 10th, one day before the full conference began. (more…)

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My First Year as an MVP, part 1

One year ago, I was notified via email of my first Microsoft MVP Award. It was a pretty surreal moment! I captured some of my thoughts and emotions in a blog post last year.

Now that a year has gone by, very quickly I might add, it’s time to look back at my first year as a Microsoft MVP. I’ve put together some thoughts on my year, and some things that may help other first timers in their journey too. (more…)

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GP Tech 2017 – Recap & Getting Home

So, now that I’ve caught up with the daily recaps, I’m starting this post from the Minneapolis airport. I should be landing in Toronto right now, according to my original itinerary but I’m still sitting here. Apparently there is some awful weather in Toronto affecting all flights both in and out so we aren’t leaving, since we can’t land.

The bonus though, was Delta has been excellent this time around. They even brought in a beverage cart into the waiting gate area to give the passengers free drinks and snacks while they waited. I’ve been publicly ranting about my flight delay issues and this time I’m happy to give a shout out on a positive side.


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