Windows 8 install tips and tricks

Time has flown by, as it does tend to do when you are not paying attention!  One minute I’m in Fargo at the Technical Airlift, dropping a perfectly functioning laptop on a hard tile floor (yes, boy, that was fun!), and the next, it’s nearly Christmas and I’m loading Windows 8 on a even more perfectly functioning new laptop. It’s wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from myself, just so ya know… ; )

When the Windows 8 previews and betas came out, I fully intended to install them on a virtual image or something, and get to know the new features.  So much for that!  The, ahem, fortunate timing of dropping a laptop and having my other functional Dell brick fail to boot led me to a just-in-time-for-Christmas new shiny laptop.  While my American friends were eating Thanksgiving turkey, I was doing some timely Black Friday shopping.  It seems Canadian retailers have adopted the sale weekend much to our price advantage! (more…)

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Report Writer Series: Keys, Restrictions, Sorting, Grids

Here, at long last, is my next-to-last blog post in the Report Writer series. It’s not that I’ve covered everything you could possibly know about Report Writer, not by a long shot, but what I’ve found is some of the basic information I’ve shared thus far wasn’t as easy to find as the more advanced stuff was.  Do you want to know about using VBA with Report Writer? Editing package files? Adding Extender fields to a Report Writer report? There are many things like these that are already covered by the Dynamics GP community. In my last article I will summarize my series and include a few links to other Report Writer resources if you haven’t found them already!

Now onto this article… This one is a bit of a hodge-podge of things, there is no particular reason why these are all lumped together in one!  The items here probably deserve more in-depth discussion but for the purposes of this blog I just wanted to highlight a few key things about them rather than dig deep into their usefulness. (more…)

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Report Writer Series: Custom Reports

The next in my series of blog posts about Report Writer is a brief article on Custom reports.

Why would you create a custom report in Report Writer?  (really… why?) I’ve done it a handful of times, and don’t particularly recommend it (with all due respect to David Musgrave 🙂 ) but there are a couple simple reasons why it makes sense sometimes.  The types of reports you would create with it would need to be extremely simple due to the fact there is no end user option for sorting or filtering results and no parameter input. (more…)

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Why does the JE description say “Receivings Transaction Entry”?

This question came up in a forum recently – not in this exact form – but essentially the question was “where can you change the description of a transaction from a Dynamics GP Receivings Shipment or Shipment/Invoice”?

The short answer is, it’s very well hidden but it is there, and most users don’t see it and generally it stays at the default value which is “Receivings Transaction Entry”.  That means if you print transaction descriptions on a Accounts Payable cheque or EFT remittance, that’s what you see. (more…)

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Fun with changing a server name!

I write this with a little embarrassment at the solution to a problem I had.  Earlier this week I renamed a server I’m using for GP2010 to prepare for a new network and improve my network naming conventions.  I’ve changed server names before at clients and the steps and places you need to make updates are pretty straight forward, at least for vanilla GP.  There are other complications when you get into web services and other things where the configuration is not strictly within the application.

The Issue

I changed the server name and updated the obvious things but was still unable to log in to GP.  I could log into SQL Server Management Studio just fine but couldn’t log into GP, even as ‘sa’.

The Solution

For reference, here are what I call the obvious things to check and rename if necessary.  I’m not including updating FRx or web products, just plain ol’ GP.  If you use IP addresses to reference pathnames then often you are ok unless the IP address has changed.  In my case I use UNC pathnames and had several places to update.

  • Dynamics.set launch file – update the pathnames to shared reports or forms if applicable
  • Dex.ini configuration file – update the pathnames to other shared items if applicable, like OLE notes, Letters etc.
  • SQL server @@servername update – you need to run the relevant “add” and “drop” command to change the server name
  • ODBC datasource – update the SQL server name, if using UNC pathnames

I changed all of the above, and continually banged my head against the wall trying to sort out why I still was unable to log in.

The “DOH” Moment!

I’m running a 64-bit operating system (Windows 7 in this particular machine’s case).  I completely forgot that the ODBC shortcut you get to via Administrative Tools is 64-bit only.  What confused me was there was a “Dynamics GP 2010” DSN already listed so naturally, I updated it, but still couldn’t log in.

GP requires a 32-bit ODBC DSN, and I had to open the 32-bit version of the ODBC setup window.  If you’re reading this far and looking for this as well, on Windows 7 you can find it here:

C:WindowsSysWOW64 and it’s called odbcad32.exe.

Thank me later!  🙂

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