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My name is Jen Kuntz, I am a CPA, CGA, a 7-time Microsoft MVP, and the owner of Kuntz Consulting Inc. I am an independent consultant based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Kuntz Consulting has been in business since 2009, providing consulting services centered around Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Some random, fun info about me…

  • How is “Kuntz” pronounced? With a long “U” (like “Koontz”)
  • I’m a tea fanatic, usually Earl Grey is my tea of choice, with a touch of milk!
  • Outside of work, I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, play golf, and love to wander and hike.

Some of my family’s “more well known” relatives…


Most of the projects I work on are business process improvement related. Some clients want to improve the reporting they get out of Dynamics GP or their ISV (Third Party) products, and others are looking to automate more of their processes by replacing some manual data entry with integrations. I’ve touched most modules within Microsoft Dynamics GP and several ISV (Third-party) products over the years. The specific software and modules I work with most often are:

  • Dynamics GP Financials, Distribution, Canadian Payroll, Human Resources, Project Accounting
  • Key2Act Job Cost
  • eOne Solutions SmartList Builder, SmartConnect, PopDock, Extender
  • Excel, Power BI, Power Query

I aim to provide a different experience for my clients. Many clients that reach out to me are dissatisfied with their previous consultants or contractors in one way or another. Often their complaints are little things that are so easily corrected yet the firm they deal with just doesn’t recognize it. What you can expect from me:

  • Timely responses to requests
  • 20+ years of consulting experience
  • Senior expertise at lower rates than most big firms charge


Email is the best way to contact me about a potential consulting engagement. I typically work directly for customers, and occasionally work with partners as an extension of their consulting team.

To contact or follow me, the links below are for email, LinkedIn, and Mastodon respectively, and my blog is located at JenKuntz.ca.